More about Web App

We'll convert your website into android web app. It's fast performing and highly secured. We provide 100% guarantee of "Google Play" approval. So, you can publish it on the "Play Store" to spreed out your business in more.

We'll use webview to convert your website into android app. It'll work as like a mobile browser. If you update contents of your website, the app will be updated automatically.

App's Features:

  • 01. Animated splash screen
  • 02. App Icon with your logo
  • 03. Progress-bar integration
  • 04. Pull down to refresh
  • 05. Internet connection detection
  • 06. Fast performing
  • 07. Social sharing with friends & family
  • 08. Bookmarking facilities
  • 09. Mobile/Desktop view
  • 10. Zoom in/out option
  • 11. Navigation menu
  • 12. Bookmarking management
  • 13. Settings options
  • 14. Full screen view
  • 15. Stay walk while reading
  • 16. Auto adjust view-port
  • 17. Custom text size
  • 18. Clear cache on exit
  • 19. Built-in cache cleaner
  • 20. Share app
  • 21. Pop-up rating dialog box
  • 22. Send feedback button
  • 23. Social media button
  • 24. AdMob Ads integration
  • 25. Exit confirmation dialog box

Let's take a quick overview through main features of this Android Web App!

No wait! Let's build an android app for your website.

Get it by 100 USD only

Sounds good! Let's build your android app for your website.

Get it by 100 USD only

What do we require:

You have to help us by providing following info:

  • 01. Your website URL
  • 02. Your preferred app name
  • 03. App Logo

Easy enough! Let's build your copy.

Get it by 100 USD only

What you will get:

  • 01. Android App: A signed android APK file.
  • 02. Distribution: The app will be published on Google Play store with 5 screen-shots.
  • 03. QR-code: QR code with app icon to speed up the download process of your app.
  • 04. Source code: I'll provide you full source code of this app, so that you can play with it.

Awesome! Let's build an android app for your website.

Get it by 100 USD only